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Stylist Manual

Table of Content
Getting Your First Sell
VSLZ Styling 101
Monthly Selling Incentives
Getting Paid
Stay Active!
For Your Personal Safety
Additional Contact Info/Non Disclosure
Have Questions/Need Help
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9a-5p MST
Contact Us:
Forward Clients To:
Updated: 2/8/22
Welcome to VSLZ!
Being a fashion stylist gives you the ability to create looks at your convenience and work at your own pace. Creating new and fresh looks is your #1 sales driver! Potential customers will look to you as a fashion influencer based on your consistency and ability to think in a unique way about our merchandise. 

About Us
VSLZ is a Fashion+Artz Brand that is Alternative.Edgy.Sophisticated.
VSLZ (vessels) are Rebelz Fashund 4 Purpose. They are Bold, Driven, & Impactful in their world. Style Looks with the brand identity in mind:


 Getting Your First Sale

  1. Use Our Stock Photos To Style Your Own Looks via sites like Canva
  2. Setup Your Stylist Page To Showcase Your Looks & Blog Directly On Our Website Under Pages Tab In Your Shop Dashboard. (Pages Are Spotlighted) Example Page: To ensure the quality of our website all pages are subject to final approval. **Delete Example Look From Your Page**
  3. Advertise Online Using Social Networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc
  4. Use Your Shop Link For Direct Sales To Your Personal Shopping Page
  5. Use Referral Links For Direct Sales On Our Website
  6. Use Referred By Name As A Default To Ensure Clients Are Shopping Directly With You, This Is Asked Upon Check Out & Must Match Exactly As Shown In Your Portal
  7. Collage Style Looks + Post New Arrivalz + Give Product Details
Get The Word Out:
  1. Reach out to Clients/Followers/Family/Friends/Colleagues
  2. Utilize Coupons (see account dashboard)
  3. Run a Contest (with free products-See Section Monthly Incentives)
  4. Encourage communication and engagement
  5. Know your merchandise 
  6. Put your best looks forward
  7. We Will Spotlight Your Pages/Shops via our website, newsletters, & social media.
Automatic Posting is Your Best Friend:
Built in social media automation & social media posting accounts like HootSuite allow you to schedule your posts. Some tools are free and others are not, do a little research to find which tools work best for you.
Set a schedule, plan your posts, and utilize this tool to post and save yourself some time.
To keep your posting on track set a day to create, edit, build content and upload  for the program to post. You can schedule up to weeks in advance!!
Utilize Hashtags:
This will help people to find your posts. Our official hashtag is: #vslz (Please put on each post so we can find your posts) Research popular hashtags like, #ootd (offer of the day) #fashion #altfashion #alternativefashion
Tag Us/Follow Us
We tag/follow back and repost your looks!
Use Coupons to Drive Sales
Create your own coupon code or use the one given in your dashboard
Utilize Our Weekly Codes
Convert Your Pictures To Videos For Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Feed Videos. Videos Are Huge + Are Prime Focus For Socials. Utilize Apps To Create Videos, Canva has easy options.
VSLZ Styling 101
Creating looks that meet the client’s lifestyle needs of Day.Work.Play. This is our main way of presenting looks at VSLZ. 
Building a client’s wardrobe by utilizing BA6 (Basics) to add pieces to their closet. You can fill wardrobe voids or create something new by using as layering pieces!
Concept Styling
Theme based styling.
 Ie Travel looks, Holiday Concepts, etc
Retail based concept of grouping pieces that work well together visually, categorically, conceptually & through pricing.
Collage Styling 
Mood board concept of styling by putting together looks with additional supporting pieces/pictures to create outfit inspiration.
Non Styling Ideaz
New Arrivalz
Product Details 
Product Awareness: Front/Back/Side
Helpful Hints:
1) Style Around A Trend
   Ex: Ripped Jeans, Colorful Leggings, Cropped Jackets
2) Style Around Where They Are Going
   Ex: Day, Work, Play
3) Style Around An Occasion
   Ex: Birthday, Girls Night Out, Vacation
4) Style Around A Theme
Ex: Denim, All Black
5) Categorize, Decide How many Styled Looks and Be Creative! 
6) Use Persuasive Language in posts. Ex: You Gotta Have This VSLZ Signature T Shirt because it's Fire with ripped jeans and a vest!
7) Only Use VSLZ Merch, Add Other Brands If You Want To Add Makeup Or Shoes (Please Credit Brands But Do Not Make Focal Of Looks Since You Will Only Earn Commission On Our Products.)
8) Always Route Sales to Your Links/Referred By Name, otherwise you won't get credit for the sale because we won't know it came from you.
9) Point Out Key Features and familiarize yourself with the product by looking at merchandise descriptions in the online store. Ex: This shirt has a black back that’s slimming for all body shapes.
10) Set Financial Goals! This will motivate you to stay on track with styles and push you to try new things! Try, Test, Repeat, or Redo!
Collage Styling -How To
 Editing Sites: PicCollage, PicsArt, Canva or any photo editing app/website.
  1.  In your account is our current merchandise with no backgrounds, white/other backgrounds, and VSLZ logo.
  2. Upload your background to apps/sites like PicCollage, PicsArt, Canva or any photo editing app/website.
  3. Layer the picture of our merchandise and other found images supporting images (makeup/shoes/inspiration pics).
  4. Use Our Logo, add credits, words, and save to add to your social accounts.
  5. Each Platform Uses Different Aspect Ratios, Edit Foundation Background As Needed.
  6. **You Do Not Have To Use Our Backgrounds.**
  7. Only Use Merch Pics From Your Portal, Do Not Use Photos From Our Website.
1) Always make VSLZ merchandise the focal point. Either by making it Bigger than the other pictures or by centering the item. This is important because you will be earning commission on the items you sell for us. The other items are just to help customers gather ideas for how to wear our merchandise.
2) Always give credit to items used for styling by adding either their brand name or website. Do not make the font size big, bold, or overpowering. You can add the brands at the bottom as a footnote or next to the item in the collage.
3) Always use clear photos!
4) Combine pictures from online, pictures you take, free stock photography, etc.
5) Use Product Images or free stock fashion photography, Do not use specifically stated copyrighted images from photographers/magazine editorials.
6) Utilize all aspects of styling from head to toe.
7) Utilize picture apps like Pic Collage or PicsArt and pull items together on a background. This will take some investigation to find what tools work best for you. Intermix tools & style other items on top of the collage. The good news is that there are thousands to choose from.
8) Please Do Not Add Pricing To Products As Our Pricing Changes
(Samples Below)
Styled Card
Product Card
Detail Card
Monthly Selling Incentives
10% Commission + 10% Discount
Free Merchandise Every Monthly $1000 Sold
Use The Free Merchandise To Treat Yourself or To Drive Sales As Free Contest Gifts! 
**You Would Have To Send Directly To Your Clients**
Affiliate discount is only for you and immediate family. Please do not abuse the discount, if abuse is noticed you will no longer have this benefit.
Getting Paid
To get started we require IRS Form W9
**See Affiliate Portal**
You will be an Independent Contractor, We are required to give you an IRS Form 1099-MISC when you receive $600 in commission. You will earn 10% per sale minus transaction fees which include but are not limited to sales taxes, shipping/handling, shopify and paypal fees. These are costs that we are responsible to pay and do not count toward our actual sales numbers, therefore not counting towards yours.
Sales commissions are currently paid weekly, payroll is pulled Thursday and Sent Friday via PayPal. Please forward your PayPal link or PayPal email address. Please double check for accuracy as we are not responsible for sending commissions to the wrong account if it is what you stated.
Please allow yourself 30 days of consistent sales to start seeing weekly checks.
Stay Active!
Selling online is not an easy task and takes persistence, DON'T GIVE UP!! And GIVE IT SOME TIME!
Give yourself 30 days to figure out what tools and posting styles work for you. After about 30 days we will want you to sell at least $100 a month to receive a payout. Our minimum payout threshold is $10.
Upon starting you must setup your account within the first week. If we do not see any activity in the first week we will reach out to you. If there is no response we will terminate your account. If you setup your account in the first week and we do not see any activity or receive communication of some sort from you in 3 weeks we will reach out to you. You will have another week to respond. After no response we will delete your account.
If you decide that VSLZ is no longer a good fit please let us know and we will terminate your account immediately. Likewise, if we feel you are no longer a good fit for VSLZ we will give you a notice and will terminate your account. We reserve the right to terminate accounts at any time for any reason and will contact you upon doing so.
For Your Personal Safety:
Do Not Meet Clients You Do Not Know Personally 
Do Not Share Personal Information Online
Clients With Questions Forward To Our Email as we handle will client interactions
Review any online personal safety guides for further safety details
You will get emails of new merchandise + stock photos will be uploaded to the affiliate portal. Please use these images only for styling looks, Do Not Use Photos/Videos From Our Website Or Social Media. We are able to create new merchandise year round. This is exciting because it will help you to keep your styling looks new and updated. Please note that some merchandise may be discontinued, we will let you know when this happens so you are not styling old merchandise.
Please Do Not use offensive or discriminatory language/images, nudity, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual content, or anything that may be deemed contrary to our company's beliefs in your styling. This will call for immediate termination of your account.
This manual is continuously updated as we continue to grow and develop. Please be flexible and above all…..Have Fun Styling!
VSLZ Fashun Group
8125 N. Black Canyon HWY
Unit 37283
Phoenix, AZ 85069
Please note that the content of this manual is not to be reproduced or posted publicly outside of This is solely for VSLZ Fashion Affiliates to be used as a manual and to give important information. Changes to the manual are completed as needed, check manual for updates.
  **THE END**