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VSLZ is An Edgy+Sophisticated Fashion Brand  Empowering U 2 Wear Ur Rebel! 

VSLZ (vessels) are Rebelz Fashund 4 Purpose. They are Bold, Driven, & Impactful in their world.

Breakin’ Fashion Rulez 

    1. We Don’t Follow Trendz Or The Traditional Fashion Calendar 
    2. We Produce Our Own Productz + Have a Hybrid Manufacturing Process of Ready2Wear + Made2Order
    3. We Believe In Sustainability: Making Re-Wearable Productz, Making Limited Quantitiez + Only Restock Based On Highly Requested Sizez + Stylez, Selling Flawz+All Productz, While Eventually Having Resale Opportunitiez + Recycled Collectionz.
    4. We Only Release Collectionz That Make Fashun Statementz With Purposeful Messagez
    5. We Believe Everyone Is A Stylist + Teach U How 2 Have Functional Wardrobez